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How To Size Your Professional Pump?

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How To Size Your Well/Lawn Pumps?

How Deep is Your Well?

Shallow Well Jet Pumps can pump water from 0' to 25' deep. Convertible Well Jet Pumps pump water from 0' to 90' deep. A Convertible Well Jet Pump can operate between 0' to 25' with a shallow jet well nozzle or between 25' to 90' deep with an ejector assembly. Deep Well Submersible Pumps attach to the bottom of the drop pipe and can operate in wells from 20' up to 300' deep.

What is the Diameter of Your Well Casing?

The diameter of your well casing determines what type of well pump you need. If you do not have a well casing, you have a Shallow Well. Some well casings are 2" and require special accessories with a Convertible Jet Well Pump. If your well casing is 4" or more in diameter, you can use either a Jet Well pump or Deep Well Submersible pump, depending on the depth of your well.

How Much Horsepower (HP) Do You Need?

If you're replacing a well pump, and your water needs haven't changed, select a pump with the same horsepower and voltage. You may need more horsepower if you've added a household member or a major appliance since installing your current pump. Larger pumps may also require larger pressure tanks to prevent rapid cycling.

What is the Difference Between 2-WIRE and 3-WIRE Pump?

Deepwell submersible pumps are classified by the number of wires connected to the pump's motor. 2-Wire(plus ground) pumps do not require the use of a control box. For 3-wire pumps, the start capacitor is located away from pump above ground, and therefore requires the use of a control box. Make sure the Control Box is compatible with your pump.