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Posted On 1/1/1900


Pump Reliability Often Depends on the Switch, Not the Motor


Harrison, OH – The sumps pumps that protect your home have to be reliable—they have to work precisely when you need them. If they’re old, corroded or don’t feature the latest technology, chances are you may need an upgrade. Sump pump leader WAYNE® Pumps feature iSwitch™ technology that ensures worry-free, reliable sump pump operation for years to come. This completely sealed, microprocessor-controlled switch is designed with no moving parts to wear out or corrode over time. WAYNE sump pumps, with this patented technology, detect the presence of water vs. air, and determine the cycle time in which to keep the pump running.
”We have developed the solution to the #1 sump pump failure today… the switch,” says Joe Mauro, President, WAYNE Pumps. 
Their patented iSwitch™ Technology is an innovative breakthrough, and outlasts all other switches in the market, enduring more than 1,000,000 on/off cycles. The iSwitch™ is maintenance-free, lasts 5 times longer than traditional mechanical float or tether switches, and its sealed design ensures corrosion resistance over time for longer life. 
“Typically the motor in a sump pump does not fail,” adds Mauro, “Pump failure will almost always be related to the switch.  The iSwitch™ completely eliminates that call back issue.”
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