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Sump Pump Experts Provide Tips to Prepare Your Home for Busy Hurricane Season »

Posted On 6/1/2012

Harrison, OH – With the National Weather Service predicting an “active to extremely active” hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin starting this month, are you ready to defend your home against rising water levels?  The answer is often “no.” 
Pump experts at WAYNE Pumps say that preparedness is extremely important in protecting valuables and family heirlooms. “The first line of defense in your basement is a high quality, reliable sump pump, said Joe Mauro, President.  “If your sump pump is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it with better technology,” Mauro added.

Mauro said the company has several new safeguards to add even more layers of protection for your basement.  “Our new, reliable iSwitch technology ensures the pump’s switch will kick on when needed, using a microprocessor to sense water levels,” he said. “It lasts five times longer than traditional switches, which can corrode and wear out.”  A battery back up system is also advised, since power can often go out during a storm.  And, to guard against pump failure, WAYNE Pumps has introduced a wireless alarm that can be heard just about anywhere in the home. 

WAYNE Pumps distributor Cherie Steward and her husband Todd own Steward’s Ace Hardware in Clinton, CT.   In March an unprecedented flash flood caused residents to line up out the door to buy pumps.   Many were literally caught with their “pants up” as they started bailing water at levels ranging from inches to feet, then rushed to the store.
 “They hadn’t seen flood waters like this in more than a decade,” said Steward.  She said stacks of WAYNE sump pumps and Ace brands were filmed by the local TV news, as they literally flew out the door.  “We had to educate customers on the difference between sump pumps which permanently operate in a sump pit and utility pumps, which are portable and used to remove standing water.”

One young couple had just sold their home and stored all of their possessions in the husband’s parents’ basement as they were preparing to close on a new home.  It happened to be the week of the flood and most of their furniture was ruined.  “That was the saddest story, but really no one knows when disaster will strike,” said Cherie.

With a 70% likelihood of the National Weather Center’s NOAA division predicting 14 to 23 named storms, with 8 – 14 hurricanes, officials at WAYNE hope that homeowners will heed the warning and install a sump pump system ahead of time.  For more information about WAYNE Pumps, visit